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How to create a multi-step form

Forms that require a lot of information, such as registration forms or order forms are usually quite long and exhausting. This in turn can affect the user experience and have a negative impact on your conversions.

With Kali Forms you can easily create a multi-step form in a matter of minutes with the help of the Page break element. You can divide your long form in smaller parts, thus improving the user experience during the submission process.

For our example we will create a gym membership application form, then divide this in multiple parts using Page break fields.

1. First we will need to create a new form.
Create a new form

2. Next we will add several form fields to the mix. We will vary the type of fields from the robust choices available in Kali Forms.
Add form fields

3. After all the fields are added you have a decision to make and that is where to start dividing your form. In our example we will break the form in 3 parts:

– the first part will collect the basic user information: name, email, phone;
First page fields

now we will add our first Page break field. We can also enable a progress bar that will be displayed at the top of the form.

– the second part will ask the user for his activity level: how many times the user works out during the week, if a diet plan is used, the user height, weight and age;
Second page fields

after adding these fields we will add another Page break field and also enable the progress bar display for this field as well.

– the last part will allow the user to review his information and submit the form. This information review can be easily generated through the Smart Text Output field.
Third page fields

Our form is now transformed from a single-step, long form in a nicely organised multi-step form that will allow the user to better focus on the required information and then easily review his entered data before the submit.

First form page
Page 1

Second form page
Page 2

Third form page
Page 3

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