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How to send emails using SMTP

With the latest release of Kali Forms you now have even more control over your emailing functionality. You can choose to send your form email notifications through Google, Mandrill, Mailgun or Sendgrid.
Email Settings

The configuration is very straightforward, you will only need to configure two parts: the general SMTP server configuration and the account credentials.
The first section is for setting the general SMTP information(for a better experience these will be automatically filled in). Just tick the Custom Settings box to view the details or modify them:
General SMTP settings

The second section of the configuration relates to the account that will be used to send emails. Based on the service you want to use to send emails you will need to create an account on their respective websites:
SMTP account credentials

After setting the account you wish to use based on your chosen service, you can easily test and see if your configuration works with the help of the built-in logging feature. This will allow you to capture each attempt made by Kali Forms to generate an email notification and display any encountered errors so that you know where to start adjusting your configuration.

You can enable the logging functionality by ticking the Enable fail log box and refreshing your page.
Enable debug log

This should be used after your first attempt at sending an email since this is when the actual log file will be created.
View log file

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