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How to view a form entry in the front-end

All entries recorded through your site forms can be viewed in your admin panel directly by navigating to Kali Forms > Form entries.

If you want to view a particular form entry in the front-end section you will need to perform several additional steps:

  • create a new page that will be used for this functionality;
  • in the page content add the following shortcode: ​​​​
    [ kaliform-submission ]
  • next in your form configuration (Kali Forms > All forms > select your form > Settings > General), select this page in the Entries view page​ option;
  • lastly access the Form entries section in your WordPress admin panel and in the Actions column use the first icon to copy the URL of your submission page (this will be generated based on the selected page in your form configuration);
  • just paste this URL in the Browser navigation section and you will be able to view the submission in the front-end.

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