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Newsletter add-on

With the Newsletter add-on you can start collecting subscribers to your newsletter lists through forms built in Kali Forms.

This add-on is only available to Kali Forms Pro users.

The add-on allows you to collect subscribers for the following newsletter service providers:

The configuration is simple, the first step is to retrieve the API keys from your desired service.

Add the generated API keys in the general Kali Forms > Newsletter configuration.

Based on the API key you add in the configuration, that respective service will be available for selection when configuring your form, if you do not have the API set for a particular service then this will not be available in the form configuration.

After adding your form fields through the Builder section, you will only need to enable the service you wish to use and map the information to the appropriate newsletter fields.

You can also condition the subscription based on the user consent, if this is not provided during the submission then the user will not be subscribed to your newsletter list.

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