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SMS Notification add-on

With the SMS notification add-on you can take your notifications to the next level and receive a SMS on your phone when a submission is made.

This add-on is only available to Kali Forms Pro users.

You can use the following providers for sending out SMS notifications:

In order to start using these type of notifications you will first need to create an account for the desired provider, then retrieve the following information in order to establish the connection.

  • Nexmo: you will find the necessary credentials by navigating to Account > Settings > API Keys
    Nexmo Api Key
    Nexmo Secret key
  • Twilio: the credentials can be found in the account Projects Dashboard. For testing purposes please make sure to set the From number as the one displayed in your Twilio dashboard under Trial number
    Twilio Account SID
    Twilio Token
  • Clickatell: you will need to retrieve the API key from SMS > Configure SMS. First you will need to setup your test numbers, then generate the API key
    Clickatell API Key
  • SMS Global: the credentials are found in API & Integrations > Add new Api Key
    Sms Global Api Key
    Sms Global Api Password

After adding the API Keys for your desired providers you will be able to setup the SMS notifications from Kali Forms > All forms > select your form > Notifications > SMS section.

The following fields are available for the configuration:

  • Name : this is used for internal purposes so that you can easily differentiate between multiple SMS notifications.
  • Provider: the provider that will be used to send out the notification.
  • To number: the telephone number that will receive the notification.
  • From number or short number: the telephone number the notification will be sent from. Certain providers require you to verify your number before sending a notification.
  • Message body : the contents of the notification.
  • Should send notification : this is the conditional functionality available for the notifications. If your configured condition is not met then the SMS notification will not be sent.

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