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Slack integration

The Kali FormsSlack integration will allow you to connect your Slack workspace with your forms, you can receive notifications each time a submission is made.

This add-on is available only for Kali Forms Pro users.

How to setup this integration

The first thing that you will need to do is create a Slack workspace, if you do not already have one. This is done easily by following the instructions available on the Slack website.

After this is done we will need to install the Kali FormsSlack add-on.

Enabling this add-on from your Plugins manager will provide a new section in the Kali Forms menu: Slack.

You will now need to connect to your workspace, this is done easily from the above mentioned section by clicking the Connect to Slack button.

After confirming the workspace permissions for the Kali Forms app you will be redirected back to your WordPress admin panel with a connection confirmation message. If you take a look at your Slack workspace you will also notice a new entry in the Apps section: Kali Forms.

What will the integration do

Now that the connection is established you will need to define what this integration will do. This is done from the form settings Kali Forms > All forms > select your form > Settings > Slack.

You can create multiple actions that will be triggered when the submission is made. Each action will provide the following configuration options:

  • Action name: this is meant for internal use, to allow you to describe what the action will do.

  • Message type: Text or Block, this is how the information will be displayed on the slack workspace channel.

    When using the Text message type, each submission will generate a normal text reply on your selected channel.

    When using the Block message type, each submission will generate a structured reply that will display both the field caption and the submitted value. With this option you can also include images uploaded through your form, the image will be displayed in original in the structured post on the slack channel. Instead of having to manually add the message, when using this notification type you will only need to select the field that you would like to include in the notification.

  • Where: this will allow you to select the channel the information will be posted on.

  • Message: the information that will be posted to slack, you can also use field placeholders in this field to send the information submitted in your form.

  • Should send notification: with this you can condition when the notification to slack is sent. You can always send this or condition it based on a different field in your form.

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