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A multiple selection field with dynamic control over the number of items an user can select.

Configuration options

  • Field name: the name of the field. This is needed for creating the placeholders that will help display the submitted data in the Thank you message and in the body of the form notification emails.
  • Field caption/label: the caption of the field. This is usually displayed next to the input element to let users know what information is expected in the field.
  • Field description: you can use this to provide additional instructions for using the field in the submission process.
  • Field placeholder: the placeholder attribute of the input element.
  • Required: choose if the field is mandatory for the submission to be made.
  • Field id: the id of the form element. This is mainly used for internal purposes.
  • Default Value: the default value of the field.
  • Max selectable items: the number of options you can select in the field.
  • Readonly: with this option enabled users will not be able to change the value selected in the field.
  • Populate items from API: this option is meant for advanced users. You will need to enter the REST API Url. The information returned by your API needs to have the following format: [{value:your_value, label:your_label}].
  • Data format: in order to generate the items through the API you will need a value and label. This field will allow you to define the exact value and label returned by your script.
    For example if your returned array has the syntax [{key:1, name: John}, {key:2, name: Jane}], the value you need to set in the field is : key,name.

Here you can set the values that will be available for selection in the field. You can set a value and label for each item

  • Add choice: add one option for the field.
  • Bulk Add: add multiple options at once for your field, you will need to use the syntax: value|label,second_value|second_label.
  • Presets: easily create a full list of items based on a pre-defined category: Countries, US States, US States Postal Code, Months, Week Days, Canadian Provinces.

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