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Collect user feedback through your forms using this easy to configure rating field. You can set the maximum rating, change the color and also the icons used for collecting feedback.

Configuration options

  • Field name: the name of the Rating field. This is needed for creating the placeholders that will help display the submitted data in the Thank you message and in the body of the form notification emails.
  • Field caption/label: the caption of the field. This is usually displayed next to the input element to let users know what information is expected in the field.
  • Field description: you can use this to provide additional instructions for filling in the field.
  • Size: this controls the size of the rating icons.
  • Color: this allows you to select the color for the rating icons.
  • Icon: choose from a variety of icons for displaying the rating option.
  • Field id: the id of the Rating element. This is mainly used for internal purposes.
  • Default Rating: the number of rating items checked when the form is loaded. .
  • Maximum rating(number of items): the maximum grade your users can rate. .

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