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File Upload

A standard HTML input upload field.

Configuration options

  • Field name: the name of the field.
  • Field caption/label: the caption of the field. This is usually displayed next to the input element to let users know what information is expected in the field.
  • Field description: you can use this to provide additional instructions for using the field in the submission process.
  • Enable multiple file upload: enable the option to upload multiple files through the same field.
  • Max number of files to be uploaded: the number of files the user can upload through the field (this is set to 2 by default).
  • Required: choose if the field is mandatory for the submission to be made.
  • Field id: the id of the form element. This is mainly used for internal purposes.
  • Min file size (e.g 150kb or 3mb): set a minimum limit to the size of the files allowed to be uploaded through the form.
  • Max file size (e.g 150kb or 3mb): set a maximum limit to the size of the files allowed to be uploaded through the form.
  • Max size of all files in list (e.g 150kb or 3mb): set a maximum limit all files.
  • File prefix: allows you to set a prefix to the name of the uploaded file.
  • Accepted extensions: control the type of files that can be uploaded through the form. You can either select the extensions you want to allow from the displayed list or switch to the Advanced view and manually add the file MIME types for the desired file extensions.
  • Instant upload: start the file upload as soon as the selection is made instead of waiting for the submission to be triggered.
  • Image preview: when uploading images, display a preview of the uploaded image.
  • Readonly: with this option enabled users will not be able to change the value from the field.

Below you can find a table with the most common MIME types:

Extension Kind of document MIME Type
.aac AAC audio audio/aac
.abw AbiWord document application/x-abiword
.arc Archive document (multiple files embedded) application/x-freearc
.avi AVI: Audio Video Interleave video/x-msvideo
.azw Amazon Kindle eBook format application/vnd.amazon.ebook
.bin Any kind of binary data application/octet-stream
.bmp Windows OS/2 Bitmap Graphics image/bmp
.bz BZip archive application/x-bzip
.bz2 BZip2 archive application/x-bzip2
.csh C-Shell script application/x-csh
.css Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) text/css
.csv Comma-separated values (CSV) text/csv
.doc Microsoft Word application/msword
.docx Microsoft Word (OpenXML) application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document
.eot MS Embedded OpenType fonts application/vnd.ms-fontobject
.epub Electronic publication (EPUB) application/epub+zip
.gz GZip Compressed Archive application/gzip
.gif Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image/gif
HyperText Markup Language (HTML) text/html
.ico Icon format image/vnd.microsoft.icon
.ics iCalendar format text/calendar
.jar Java Archive (JAR) application/java-archive
JPEG images image/jpeg
.js JavaScript text/javascript
.json JSON format application/json
.jsonld JSON-LD format application/ld+json
Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) audio/midi audio/x-midi
.mjs JavaScript module text/javascript
.mp3 MP3 audio audio/mpeg
.mpeg MPEG Video video/mpeg
.mpkg Apple Installer Package application/vnd.apple.installer+xml
.odp OpenDocument presentation document application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation
.ods OpenDocument spreadsheet document application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet
.odt OpenDocument text document application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text
.oga OGG audio audio/ogg
.ogv OGG video video/ogg
.ogx OGG application/ogg
.opus Opus audio audio/opus
.otf OpenType font font/otf
.png Portable Network Graphics image/png
.pdf Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) application/pdf
.php Hypertext Preprocessor (Personal Home Page) application/php
.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint (OpenXML) application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation
.rar RAR archive application/vnd.rar
.rtf Rich Text Format (RTF) application/rtf
.sh Bourne shell script application/x-sh
.svg Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) image/svg+xml
.swf Small web format (SWF) or Adobe Flash document application/x-shockwave-flash
.tar Tape Archive (TAR) application/x-tar
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) image/tiff
.ts MPEG transport stream video/mp2t
.ttf TrueType Font font/ttf
.txt Text, (generally ASCII or ISO 8859-n) text/plain
.vsd Microsoft Visio application/vnd.visio
.wav Waveform Audio Format audio/wav
.weba WEBM audio audio/webm
.webm WEBM video video/webm
.webp WEBP image image/webp
.woff Web Open Font Format (WOFF) font/woff
.woff2 Web Open Font Format (WOFF) font/woff2
.xhtml XHTML application/xhtml+xml
.xls Microsoft Excel application/vnd.ms-excel
.xlsx Microsoft Excel (OpenXML) application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet
.xml XML application/xml if not readable from casual users (RFC 3023, section 3)
text/xml if readable from casual users (RFC 3023, section 3)
.xul XUL application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml
.zip ZIP archive application/zip
.3gp 3GPP audio/video container video/3gpp
audio/3gpp if it doesn’t contain video
.3g2 3GPP2 audio/video container video/3gpp2
audio/3gpp2 if it doesn’t contain video
.7z 7-zip archive application/x-7z-compressed

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