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An advanced payment specific field that will allow you to accept donations from your users or set fixed amount donations that the users can select.

Configuration options

  • Field name: the name of the donation field.
  • Field caption/label: the caption of the field.
  • Field description: you can use this to include additional information regarding the donation.
  • Price type: you can choose between a Custom price which will allow users to enter their desired amount and a Fixed price that you can use to define different donation amounts for the user to select.
  • Donation name: set a name for your donation.
  • Field id: the id of the product field.
  • Default value: set a default value for the field.

When using the Fixed price option, this field will become available and you can add the donation amounts you want to allow users to select.

  • Add choice: add one option for the field.
  • Bulk add: add multiple options for the field.

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