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Kali Forms – Revue

With the help of this integration you can start collecting subscribers for your Revue newsletter list using a form built in Kali Forms.

This add-on is only available for Kali Forms Pro users.

Using the add-on

The first thing that you will need to do is retrieve your Revue API Key. This is done over at the Revue site.

Login into your Revue account and navigate to Account > Account Settings > Integrations.

Scroll down to the bottom of the integrations tab, your API key will be displayed here.

Copy Revue API key

Copy the API key into Kali Forms > Newsletter > Revue API key field.

Paste Revue API key

Now that the connection is established with your Revue account we need to setup the form. You can use one of our available One-click import templates to get started, then make adjustments to the form for this specific use-case or use a new form and build this from the ground up. The Revue configuration is available in the Settings > Newsletter tab of your form configuration.

Revue map fields
User consent field

You can condition the newsletter subscription process based on the user consent. By enabling this option if the consent field does not have the correct value you have configured the subscription to your list will not be made.

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