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Spam protection

Kali Forms provides multiple options for helping you stop SPAM submissions through your forms.

  • reCAPTCHAv2
  • Akismet
  • Honeypot method
Anti-spam solutions

One of the most popular anti-spam solutions: reCAPTCHA requires a simple setup, as mentioned in our online documentation, you only need to generate a set of API Keys, add them to your form then add the reCAPTCHA field to your form.


Akismet is one of the default plugins that comes with each WordPress install.

In order to use Akismet in order to stop spam submissions you will need to:

  • 1. First enable the Akismet plugin from your WordPress admin panel > Plugins.
  • 2. Enter your API key for the Akismet service. If the API key is not added in the plugin configuration then the Akismet option will not be available in the form configuration.
  • 3. Navigate to Kali Forms > All Forms > select your form > Settings > Spam protection.
  • 4. Enable the Akismet service and map the field that you wish to monitor. There are four fields in total: First Name, Last Name, Email and Message.
Honeypot method

This works by presenting a couple of hidden form fields that only spambots will fill out during the submission. This is how this method identifies spam submission, since spam bots will not differentiate between regular form fields and the Honeypot hidden fields, they will fill in all fields and trigger the submission. When the hidden fields specific to the Honeypot method are filled in and a submission is attempted, the spam flag will be triggered and the submission stopped.

Your regular users will not be affected at all when enabling the Honeypot since the fields used to trick spambots will not be visible at all in your form.

You can enable this spam prevention service by navigating to Kali Forms > All forms > select your form > Settings > Spam protection and enabling the Honeypot anti-spam option.

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