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Conditional Thank you page

With this feature you can configure and display a different thank you message after the form is submitted based on the user input.

This feature is only available to Kali Forms Pro users.

In our example we create a simple form that will ask the user what he is interested in, then provide a small history of the chosen subject in the thank you message.

First we will add the form fields:

  • 2 textbox fields for the first and last names;
  • 1 email field;
  • 1 dropdown where the user will select the subject he is interested in: Martial Arts, Dance or Running.
  • 1 submit button
Adding the form fields

Next in the general form configuration we will enable the Thank you message and set the default message that will be shown.

Set default message

Now we will start adding the conditional message that will be displayed based on the user selection. Creating the condition is simple, we just need to:

  • Select the field that will condition the message
  • Set the operator for the condition: Contains, Equal, Greater, Less.
  • Choose the value that will be used in the condition from the available field values.
Set conditional message

Since the field contains three values, we will define a different condition for each one, the result will be that three different messages will be available after the submission is made and the user selection will dictate which one will be shown.

Conditional messages are defined

That is all we need to start using this powerful feature.

You can view the live example of this form on our forms demo

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