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Using Custom SMTP

With this option selected in the SMTP Settings section, you will be able to set your own server credentials to start sending out emails or use one of the popular providers for sending out emails through SMTP: Google, Mandrill, Mailgun, Outlook, Sendgrid

For the connection to be established you will need to define the following credentials:

Custom SMTP
  • Host: the server that will be used to send out emails.
  • Port: the port used to establish the connection.
  • Secure connection: choose if you want to connect using a secure connection or a regular one.
  • Disable AutoTLS: TLS is the default encryption used for secure connections, if your server does not allow this you can disable this default option using this setting.
  • Authenticate: if your server requires authentication, this option will provide the username and password fields for your configuration.
  • Username: the username you will use for the connection, this is usually the email address that you are using to send out emails.
  • Password: the password for your account.

On the right side of the configuration panel you will find the default settings for the most popular providers, simply click the USE button and the host, port number and secure connection options will be automatically filled in.

You will then only need to enable the authentication and add the email login credentials or api key in the following fields.

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