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SMTP Settings

With Kali Forms you have full control over the method used to send out email notifications when an entry is recorded.

You can change your notifications sending options from Kali Forms > SMTP Settings.

SMTP Settings section

The following options are available to choose from:

  • Default WP Mailer

    With this option your email notification will be sent using the default WordPress mail function. You can read more about this function in the official WordPress code reference.

    If you are using any 3rd party plugins that overrides this function, then the email notifications from Kali Forms will also use the same settings.

  • PHP Mailer

    With this option your email notification will be sent using our own custom implementation of an email sending function that uses PHPMailer at its base. PHPMailer is a code library used to send emails safely and easily via PHP code from a web server.

  • Custom SMTP

    This option will establish a connection to your configured SMTP server and send the notifications through the credentials configured in the Custom SMTP Settings.

  • SMTP.com

    This option will allow you to connect to this service provider in order to send out emails.

  • sendinblue

    Similar to the above option, this will allow you to start sending emails through sendinblue.

  • Mailgun

    With this option you will be able to connect and start sending emails through Mailgun.

  • Postmark

    Use Postmark to start sending emails when a new submission is made.

The last option available in the configuration is the Failure email setting, this will allow you to configure the location of your non-delivery receipts or bounce messages. If you do not set an email in this field then bounced emails may be lost.

After configuring your SMTP credentials you can test this functionality through the Email test tab. This will provide a single field where you can enter the email that will receive the test email using your setup. This test will also record an entry in your debug log to help you with your configuration.

Email test

You can also enable a debugging functionality that will help you in your configuration and see if your current credentials are correct through the Enable mail log option. The log will contain an entry for each email notification attempted and will return a success or error message based on the result.

Debug log

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