How do I retrieve the Mailgun credentials?

In order to start sending emails using this service you will first need to retrieve two credentials from your Mailgun account.

  • Private API key: this can be retrieved from your account by navigating to Dashboard > Settings > API keys. Mailgun Private API key
  • Sender domain: this is retrieved from your account by navigating to Dashboard > Sending > Domains > Add new domain. After the domain is added you can access the domain overview in order to retrieve the domain in full. Mailgun sender domain

These credentials need to be added in your WordPress admin panel, Kali Forms > SMTP Settings area.

Mailgun Kali Forms - SMTP Settings

If you’re on the Free plan without credit card information present or using your sandbox domain for testing, you’re restricted to sending just to Authorized Recipients. This can be added from the domain overview section, after adding your first recipient an email will be received in the account’s inbox that will be used to confirm the email.

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