File Upload

A standard HTML input upload field. You can set the following attributes for each element:

File upload field

  • Field id: the id of the form element. This is mainly used for internal purposes.
  • Field name: the name of the field.
  • Field caption/label: the caption of the field. This is usually displayed next to the input element to let users know what information is expected in the field.
  • Field description: you can use this to provide additional instructions for using the field in the submission process.
  • Default value: when the form is initially loaded, this is the value that will be displayed in the field.
  • Max file size (e.g 150kb or 3mb): set a limit to the size of the files allowed to be uploaded through the form.
  • Accepted extensions: control the type of files that can be uploaded through the form. You can add multiple extensions, separated by a comma. For example: image/jpg,image/png.
  • File prefix: allows you to set a prefix to the name of the uploaded file.
  • Instant upload: start the file upload as soon as the selection is made instead of waiting for the submission to be triggered.
  • Image preview: when uploading images, display a preview of the uploaded image.
  • Required: choose if the field is mandatory for the submission to be made.
  • Readonly: with this option enabled users will not be able to change the value from the field.
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