How to hide/show fields

With Kali Forms you can easily create dynamic forms by hiding certain fields and only showing those that are most suitable for the current submitting user. This will create a unique submission experience for each user and speed up the submission process.

The user will be in full control, the selections made will determine the follow-up fields and requested data.

Creating the conditions for hiding and showing fields is done through the Conditional logic configuration tab. In our example we will create a conditional statement that will show the Email field when the value of a different field, Show Email field?, is equal to Yes. You will need to:

1. Navigate to Kali Forms > All forms > select your form > Settings > Conditional logic;

Conditional logic tab

2. Set the field you want to hide or show based on an user selection;

Select the field

3. Set the action: Show or Hide;

Set the status

4. Select the field that will trigger the action;

Select the dependant field

5. Select the operator for the trigger;

Select the operator

6. Select the value of the field that will control the showin or hiding functionality.

Select the value for the show/hide functionality

7. Save the conditional statement by clicking the + sign, then Save

Save your conditional statement

You can create any number of conditional statements for your form fields, if you have any questions regarding this functionality please let us know through our contact form.

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